Creating a New FTP Account

To create FTP accounts, sign into the control panel and then click on the "Account Manager" icon, followed by the "FTP Management" link.

ftp access

ftp access

You will see a list of current FTP accounts that looks something like this:

ftp accounts



Click the "Create FTP account" link. You will see a screen that looks like:

ftp account create

1. Choose an FTP username (e.g. "Gary")
2. Create a password
3. Select the level of FTP account access

- Domain: Access to various directories (public_html, private_html, mail, domains, backup)
- FTP: Only access to public_ftp directory
- User: Access to public_html/username/ directory only (e.g. public_html/gary/)

4. Click "Create" button to create the FTP account
5. You will get a notification from the control panel that the account has been created successfully, and you will be redirected to FTP accounts page
6. If your domain uses a shared IP address, your FTP username will have "" after it
7. If your website has its own dedicated IP address, your FTP username will not have "" after it
8. If you have multiple domains on the same account, each domain will have its own unique FTP login ([email protected])


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